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Homelody 3 way kitchen faucet with water purification 3-in-1 mixing faucet modern kitchen essential

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This Homelody kitchen faucet made of high-quality brass is a two-valve kitchen faucet with three-function filtered water treatment. The faucet cleans every corner of the sink with a 360 ° rotatable shower and lever.This is a very popular multifunctional kitchen faucet. Two handles control two nozzles. One nozzle is a hot and cold water outlet, and the other is a purified water outlet. The purified water can be directly consumed.


1. Kitchen faucet: Two lever sink tap control 3-way kitchen mixer for faucet, drinking water, cold water and hot water.

2. High quality materials: brass, no noise, with rust-proof and anti-fouling performance. High quality ceramic cartridge, excellent sealing, no water leakage

3. User-friendly design: 360 ° swivel for shower and rod, can wash every corner. Two levers 3 in 1 mixer tap suitable for all under counter water filters

4. Easy installation: The 3-way kitchen faucet and all accessories are designed in a modern design

5. Warranty period of 5 years, contact our customer service if you have the question


Material: brass

Surface: chrome

Valve Type: Ceramic valve

Packing list:

1 x kitchen faucet

2 x pieces cold, warm hoses

1 x Mounting accessories