3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet
3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet
3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet
3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet
3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet
3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet
3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet
3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet
3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet

3 Way Water Filter 3 in 1 Kitchen Faucet Lever Tap Homelody

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This is a high quality brass faucet with two outlets: one for cold and hot water and one for filtering water. Single-hole fittings do not require an additional hole for the sink. Universally applicable to a variety of kitchen sinks. Filter the water system so you can drink clean water directly


2 outputs: one for filtered water and one for water that comes directly from the network supply

It is not necessary to drill an additional hole in the kitchen sink

Universal for various water filtration systems used

Tap with osmosis system, so you can drink directly the cleanest and healthiest water

3 Ways Osmosis

2 exits

360 ° Swivel

Material: H59A-Brass

ABS aerator

Ceramic Cartridge

- 360 ° Swivel:

The tap can rotate 360 °, easy to use,Ideal for double sinks, more convenient.

The mouth of the tap can also be rotated 360 °, wash the face is very convenient.

- ABS aerator:

Reduce splash, no problem of congestion, keep clothes clean

The filtered water can be drunk directly

- Specifications:

H59A-Brass: durable material, far from lead

Surface: 304 Brushed stainless steel, resistant to oxidation

Ceramic Cartridge: ensures that the tap does not leak, 4,5 years of use

Flow rate: 2 GPM (7.5 l / min) Maximum

Number Handle: single handle

Pressure: 2 bar

- Dimensions:

Total height: 260 mm

Length: 210mm

Hole diameter: Φ35mm

Weight: 1.7 kg

- Package list:

1 x Kitchen faucet

2 x cold and hot water hoses

1 x tube for osmosis

1 x Installation accessories

1 x Installation Manual