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Homelody Front Window Kitchen Faucet Single Lever Swivel Spout Rotatable

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Do you have your sink in front of the window?

You are annoyed every time when you want to open to ventilate and your faucet annoys you?

Homelody offers you this chrome folding faucet to solve this problem.

This is a high quality kitchen tap with 360 ° rotation for use in double sinks. Due to its vertical orientation, this modern kitchen faucet is also referred to as a kitchen faucet in front of the window and can be installed in the sink in front of the window without compromising the use of the window suitable for the sink in front of the window. The material is made of brass and chrome on the surface, it is rustproof and durable. Homelody is a sanitary ware manufacturer committed to providing high quality kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets and shower systems to all our customers.

Technical characteristics:

- Height under the spout: 250mm

- Total height: 320mm

- The depth of the spout: 180mm

- The maximum

- Thickness of the worktop: 30mm - Diameter of the nut 35mm

- The spout is foldable if you want to open the window in front of the sink.

- Its thick chrome has a brilliant shine while remaining easy to clean.

- Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable height.

- You easily fill large containers.

- The Neoperl brand ABS foamer offers 5 filter showers, creating a confined flow of water without waste.

- The quality Sedal cartridge guarantees a quiet and durable tap.

- Easy assembly.The right needed in the accessories allows to install it easily without any hassle.

- The components are of European quality marks.


- H59 copper body Class A

- Tucai pipes (Spain) certified DVGW

- Neoperl aerator (Germany)

- Sedale ceramic cartridges (Spain)

Package list:

1 x Homelody Kitchen Faucet

2 x Connection hoses (D3 / 8 L 50cm)

1 x Nut (D32 mm)

1 x plastic holder

1 x notice