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Homelody 360° Rotatable Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Black with Shower

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This is a very basic modern kitchen faucet with a black design that can be rotated 360 degrees, stretchable for easy water control and suitable for single and double sinks. The combination of black and chrome gives the kitchen faucet a refined look that suits any kitchen style The retractable kitchen faucet can be rotated 360 ° so that each corner can be easily cleaned and used in both sinks.


1. Modern design: the design is black and chrome, and the combination of black and chrome gives the product a very textured appearance,Can be better combined with a stainless steel sink or a black quartz stone sink

2. Convenient function: By pulling the retractable shower head, the distance of the water can be extended (a distance of about 60 cm water and the length of the hose of the shower head is about 40 cm).

3.It cleans the area around the sink where ordinary taps cannot be cleaned.

4.The water outlet bend can be rotated 360°, which can be used for two sinks, and can move the bends to the side without hindering the rinsing of tableware/fruit and vegetables.

5.Quality assurance: with PEX hoses, complies with the German DVGW standard, non-toxic, colourless and tasteless.

6.The hose is equipped with a universal joint that can prevent the hose from getting caught under the table surface and affects the draw level.

7.High quality ceramic valve, over 50 million times to test, it does not leak.

8.Accessories are removable: the material of the shower head is made of copper, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistant and ageing, the bubbler can be removed and cleaned.

9.Customer service: warranty period of 5 years, contact our customer service if you have the question.

Technical data:

Material: stainless steel

Surface: chrome-plated and black

Number of handles: single lever

Mounting opening: 35 mm.

Mounting table thickness: 40 mm

Additives: 50 cm stainless steel braided hose, 2 pieces.

Specification: G3 / 8

Working water pressure: 0.5 - 5 bar.

Working water temperature: 4 °C - 90 °C.

Packing List:

1 x Kitchen faucet

2 x hose

1 x mounting accessories

1 x instruction manual