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360° Rotating Homelody Kitchen Faucet with Pull-out Hand Spray Tap

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Homelody Removable kitchen faucet, has 2 functions

This is a one-hand kitchen faucet with ABS aerator to prevent splashing water. The modern design is 360 ° rotatable, stretchable and has two water modes for easy cleaning of fruits and vegetables. With pull-out shower, you can easily clean the sink. 360 ° rotatable faucet body, experience a full range of multi-angle cleaning, fully meet the kitchen space, to make life more fashionable and convenient. Hot and cold water change quickly, comfortable water experience and temperature control. The high-performance kitchen mixer also has a water-saving function, making it ideal for installation in modern kitchen sinks.


You can extract the shower to reach every corner of the sink

2-mode aerator, "Shower" and "Jet" that will facilitate the cleaning of different utensils

It rotates 360 degrees, is suitable for double sink

Concerned about quality?

【Ceramic Cartridge】: ensures that the tap does not leak, 4,5 years of use

【ABS aerator】: reduce splashes, no problem of congestion

【H59A-Brass】: durable material without lead

【Chromed】: bright surface, antioxidant

Why choose this product?

2-mode aerator, "Shower" and "Jet"

Long removable hose

360 ° Swivel

ABS aerator


Ceramic Cartridge

mix of hot and cold water

5 years warranty service

▲ 2 Functions

2-mode aerator, "Shower" and "Jet", Press the mouthpiece to change mode

You can quickly rinse the spots. As fruit, vegetables, bowl ...

Tap with a removable shower, to be able to reach all corners of the sink

▲ 360 ° Swivel

360 ° Swivel, Can rotate freely, Suitable for double sinks

It has a perfect shape and the right height to put pots and large items under the tap

When washing other things, it can rotate at any time without hindering, Very convenient

▲ ABS Aerator

ABS Aerator, with soft water, Do not worry about splashing water and wetting your clothes.

Save 30% water

▲ Dimensions

Weight: about 1.9 kg

Total height: 318 mm

Length: 204mm

Hole diameter: Φ35mm

Flow rate: 2 GPM (7.5 L / min) Maximum

Pressure: 3-5 bar

▲ Package list

1 * Kitchen tap

1 * shower hose 150 cm

2 * hoses (cold and hot water)

1 * Installation accessories

1 * Installation instructions