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Removable Black Kitchen Faucet Silicone Grade 360 ° high quality brass faucet Homelody

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This 360 ° rotatable kitchen mixer for your double sink, with which you can easily reach the place where you need to clean the sink.Homelody Black kitchen faucet the high spout can be pulled out for the particularly thorough cleaning of pots, pans and not least the sink itself. Thanks to the Spanish Sedal cartridge technology, you control the water volume and temperature of this sink mixer smoothly and continuously.

Special function:

- 360 ° rotating nozzle to facilitate cleaning in different directions.

- You can remove it from the accessory by 75 cm and then rinse it flexibly in the sink.

- 2 different types of water jet: one for normal jets and one for showers.

- The water spray pressure is higher, so the dirt can be washed well.

- Ordinary water jet: do not use cloth, you can wash the grease residues.

- This sink kitchen faucet is suitable for sinks with a maximum thickness of 35 mm.

Technical data:

- Material: pure brass body

- Matte color

- Product weight: 1239g

- Flow rate: up to 2 GPM (7.5 L / min)

- Water pressure: 2 bar

- Total height: 310 mm

- Length of the leak: 260 mm

- Drainage height: 267 mm

- Hole diameter: 35 mm

Steps for installation:

1. Turn off the water

2. Unscrew the metal counterpart from the tap

3. Remove the seal and the plastic washer

4. Insert the tap into the sink hole

5. Place the seal and the plastic washer from below

6. Tighten the metal counterpart

7. Connect the hot water hose to the shortest and coldest water hose at the middle end

8. Connect the shower hose to the longer end

9. Attach the counterweight to the shower hose


1. It is not suitable for low pressure.

2. This sink faucet is suitable for your sink with a maximum thickness of 30 mm.

3. As this kitchen faucet has a removable shower, there are four pipe connections.