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Homelody Cold and Hot Water Bathroom Basin Sink Faucet

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Homelody Sink Faucet, Soft and Comfortable Waterfall Cascade, Elegant Design

This high quality brass bathroom faucet features a new and unique design style, a square faucet body and a flat faucet nozzle that is currently a relatively small design in the market. The modern bathroom fitting MJMS03-H is suitable for connection to all common hot and cold water pressure systems. Through the flat nozzle, the water flows differently than other taps. This is a bathroom faucet with waterfall mode. The advantage of this water flow mode is that the water is soft and no splashing occurs. The chrome on the faucet is not only shiny, smooth, but also very easy to clean. The exquisite and beautiful bathroom faucet is durable and suitable for your bathroom, which reduces the cost of the faucet.


- Made of H59A-Brass, durable lead-free material, with long life of use

- Cascade Faucet: reduce splashing, and save 30% water expense

- Cartridge Ceramic: ensures that the tap does not leak, 4,5 years of use

- Hoses (G3 / 8) without chemical odors


- Function: hot and cold water mixture

- Flow rate: 2 GPM (7.5 l / min ) Maximum

- Pressure: 3-5 bar

- Bore diameter: Φ32mm

- Weight: about 1 kg

- Nozzle height: 210 mm

- Total height: 260 mm

Package list:

1 x Bathroom tap

2 x G3 / 8 hoses

1 x Installation accessories

1 x Installation manual