Matte Black Dual shower heads
Matte Black Dual shower heads
Matte Black Dual shower heads
Matte Black Dual shower heads
Matte Black Dual shower heads
Matte Black Dual shower heads
Matte Black Dual shower heads
Matte Black Dual shower heads

Homelody Matte Black Dual shower heads & Bathtub Combo Set

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The concealed wall mounted shower system comes with dual shower head and pressure balance valve body to make this the perfect panel system. after a long day, The body sprays can create a more relaxing atmosphere and serenity for you.


High-purity Brass: Our shower set's main body is made of high-purity brass. There will be no bursting and water leakage in extremely cold environments. It is resistant to weak acid and alkali media and has strong resistance to high pressure. So that even the bathtub faucet can be used in different climates and environments.

Pressure Balance Valve Spool: The pressure balance valve spool can automatically adjust the temperature to the set temperature when the cold or hot water supply pressure suddenly changes (no need to re-adjust the temperature), avoiding hot and cold problems / scalding accidents. Especially suitable for children, Elderly and People with limited mobility.

A Single Handle Switch: It could control water and adjust the temperature. When the handle is opened, the bathtub spout will output water by default. If the bathtub spout is closed, the top spray will automatically discharge water. The operation is simple and convenient.

6-inch Five-Function Top Spray + Hand Shower: Ordinary shower + spray water, Shower + massage water, Massage water, Ordinary shower sprinkler water and Spray water outlet. Meanwhile, Top spray and hand-held could discharge water at the same time for bathing more choices.

Equipped with Disc and Spool Protection Sleeve: the disc can assist the main body to be fixed on the wall. When our shower set are attached on the tiles, the spool protection sleeve can prevent cement from flowing into the spool and causing the spool to not work.


Manufacturer: HOMELODY

Item Weight: 8.33 pounds

Package Dimensions: 18.8 x 13.5 x 7 inches

Color: Matte Black

Finish: Matte black

Material: Stainless Steel

Number of Handles: 1

Package Content:

1* Hand shower

1* top shower,

1* bathtub nozzle

1* shower arm

1* water separator

1* shower hose

Some parts accessories