thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system
thermostatic shower system

HOMELODY thermostatic shower system, 10 inch rain shower, 3-jet hand shower

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1. Made of high purity brass, no water leakage in extremely cold environment, resistant to weak acid and alkali corrosion, strong resistance to high pressure.

2. The non-slip, light and easy-to-use metal handwheel makes it more convenient and easy to use.

3. The coil does not leak after 300,000 uses.

4. All metal fittings are corrosion-resistant and lightened, durable.

5. The 1.5 m long metal shell hose, light and flexible, can supply every centimeter of your skin with water.

6. The rectangular overhead shower increases the width of the shower and the rich water effect. It can be adjusted universally and is suitable for usage habits of different heights.

7.Hand shower with three functions:

 - Shower water - large water discharge area, strong water discharge, can quickly wash the body.

 - Massage the powerful water power, massage the skin with the influence of water and get rid of tiredness.

 - Shower and massage water: It has the dual functions of shower water and massage water, which not only wash the body with a large surface of water, but can also massage the skin.

8. The shower pipe is made of thick stainless steel and then treated with anti-corrosion and whitening treatment. The surface is light and firm. Adjustable height, can swing, suitable for people of different sizes, the longest is 1.3 meters, which brings a suitable height for tall people to use.

9. The hand shower stand can adjust the height and tilt angle to meet the needs of different users, especially for children and people with reduced mobility.

10. The shower pipe can be extended up and down and is suitable for users of different heights.


Manufacturer: HOMELODY

Product number: FTF54213CB

Product name: Thermostatic shower faucet

Main part of the product: Brass

Overhead shower: 10 inch rectangular top spray, ABS material

Hand shower: hand shower with three function buttons, ABS material

Shower pipe: stainless steel

Surface: chrome

Number of Handles: Double Handles + Picks for Sharing Water

Installation hole spacing: 150mm

Installation method: wall mounting

Installation specifications: G1 / 2

Shower pipe length range: 181-1240mm

Accessories: 1.5 m shower hose, overhead shower, hand shower

Working water pressure: 0.5-5 bar

Packing list:

1 x thermostatic rain shower

1 x overhead shower

1 x hand shower

1 x adjustable shower rod

1 x hose

1 x mounting accessories

1 x manual