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Homelody Shower Column with 3 Functions modern shower kit for bathroom

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This is a very popular modern shower system, a shower height adjustable shower set, where you can choose between three shower modes, whether you prefer a large shower with overhead shower or a hand shower multi-mode shower, QC380000 will fulfill your requirements perfectly. The shower set is made of high quality stainless steel, has a good rust resistance, an extremely long life, a 12 inch overhead shower, a very large shower range and shower every inch of your body for an unprecedented showering pleasure. What are you waiting for? Buy the Homelody shower system now and enjoy the shower!

Why choose for the Homelody shower?

Water separator:

3 modes of water output (normal is 2).

Upper artichoke / hand shower / overhead shower + hand water at the same time.

(This mode is suitable for two people to bathe at the same time, it is also very practical to bathe the baby).

Upper artichoke:

Material: stainless steel (thickness: more than 2 mm).

Size: 250 x 250 mm (12 inches) There is a larger shower area than usual.

Shower head, there is no need to move the body to shower.

Angle: ± 15 °, suitable for different usage habits.

Shower bar:

Length: 900 - 1250 mm, the user can adjust the length of the shower bar according to its height.

Angle: Selected

The shower bar can be rotated to the left and right to allow different shower positions.

Shower support: can be adjusted to different heights / inclination angle of the hand shower head.

Hand-held artichoke: 3 modes.

12 cm in diameter.

Rain: a large surface of water can clean the skin faster.

Massage: powerful water, can massage any part of the body.

Regen + Massage: can clean the skin faster and massage any part of the body.

Product details:

Material: stainless steel.

Surface: chromed.

Number of mangoes: individual.

Water mode change: to rotate 180 °.

Distance between mounting holes: 150 mm.

Installation method: wall mounting.

Length of the shower bar: 900 - 1250 mm.

Working water pressure: 0.5 - 5 bar.

Working water temperature: 4 ° C - 65 ° C (recommended water temperature: 60 ° C).

Delivery list:

1 top artichoke.

1 hand artichoke.

1 water separator.

1 shower hose (1.5 m).

1 hose (80 cm).

Mounting accessories.

Installation instructions (Spanish language not guaranteed).