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360 ° Removable Swivel Single Handheld Homelody Kitchen Sink Faucet

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HOMELODY Healthy and Durable Kitchen Faucet

"HOMELODY" is a comprehensive health brand with the "Home" concept. Through research and development, we continuously offer our customers high quality products. We have a complete after-sales system that can free consumers from worry. To improve the quality of service and customer satisfaction, we will continue to innovate and develop.

This HOMELODY kitchen faucet will make your kitchen work much easier. The 360 ° rotation range offers a huge variety of action and maximum flexibility. If that is not enough, thanks to 2 different types of water jet, you can simply wash your kitchen or your dishes. Not only is it practical, but also visually, the sink battery fits perfectly in your kitchen and stays clean thanks to the long-lasting matte surface.

Product advantages:

360 ° Rotary and 2 Functions:

- 2 Functions Single-lever faucet with hot and cold water, "water spray" and "bubble water" very easy to clean all types of dishes and you can choose what you want in a simple way.

- The kitchen tap with 360 degree twist tap body spout for double sink.

Neoperl Alveolar Aerator:

- It can be opened with the key to clean.

- remium Neoperl Alveolar Switzerland removable aerator, smooth and silent water flow, 30% water saving.

- It can completely mix the flow of water and air and create a foaming effect. Its properties are abundant release of water, rich and delicate bubbles, soft and comfortable touch, without splashing.

Ceramic cartridge:

- Cartridge is the heart of a tap. The ceramic cartridge is resistant to high temperatures (up to 90 ° C), high pressure (up to 2.5 MPa), chemical corrosion and abrasion.Silent, smooth and comfortable in operation, the service life of 500,000 times, prevents leaks


- Tap type: tap and cold hot

- Water pressure: 0.5 - 5 bar.

- Flow rate: 9 l / min.

- Material: 304 stainless steel.

- Surface: matt.

- Stainless steel hoses: G3 / 8 (length: 500 mm).

- Dimensions: total height: 292 mm / width: 251 mm / hole diameter: 35 mm diameter.