Shower Set with Hose
Shower Set with Hose
Shower Set with Hose
Shower Set with Hose
Shower Set with Hose
Shower Set with Hose
Shower Set with Hose
Shower Set with Hose
Shower Set with Hose

Universal Hand Shower Set Homelody with Hose and Holder

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Your Homelody hand shower set transforms the daily shower into an unparalleled spa experience. 

6 different spray modes:
Rain: Large surface of water, quick cleansing of body and hair foam 
Massage: With a strong jet of water, massage the skin and eliminate fatigue 
Spray: Soft water, larger water surface, suitable for cleansing the face and sensitive parts 
Massage Rain: Large Water surface, strong cleaning power, fast cleaning of the body strong jet of water. To achieve the effect of fatigue 
removal Spray Rain: Spray Rain increases the surface of the water, allowing the body to quickly become moist.
Break: In order to take a bath for a child or a pet etc., it is not necessary to open and close the faucet valve, very pleasant and water saving. 
Note: The water will stop, but not completely stopped (dripping), to prevent that you forget to turn off the water after use, and the shower will burst under the long term water pressure. 

Special features:
Suitable for every standard shower system
Anti-limescale system: The SpeedClean function removes calcifications particularly quickly. The secret is the silicone fins. These can be rid of deposits with only a finger wiping
Super easy installation & tool-free connection: No need to call a plumber - installs in minutes with only a solid connection 

Technical parameters:

Material: ABS plastic 
Surface: Chrome 
Warranty period: 5 years 
The diameter of the hand shower: 122 mm

Showerhose : 1, 5 m, stainless steel case 
installation procedure: G1 / 2 
working water pressure: 0,5-5bar 
working water temperature: 4 ° C -60 ° C 

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