Repairing or removing a broken bathtub shower faucet makes sense, especially if it drips water, increasing your water costs. Most of the single-handle shower faucet models use a retaining nut that holds the cartridge in place. The systems of handles and valves control the temperature and water flow in your shower. Knowing the procedure and tools that you need to remove a single handle faucet gets the job done with ease. You can also decide if you want to make it a DIY project or hire a professional plumber

Tools You Will Need to Remove a Single Handle Faucet

  • Flathead screwdriver,
  • Pocket knife
  • Handle puller

 How to Replace the Single Handled Faucet

 Start by turning off the water before removing the tub shower faucet. If you cannot locate the valve that connects the shower faucet, you can turn off the entire house's water. Then turn on the shower to let the pipe drain the water in the system before working on the faucet. Locate the screw under the cap at the front of the unit and remove the screws and pull. Consequently, use the screwdriver to remove the retainer clip at the top of the shower cartridge housing; you should be careful not to lose this piece. Again, remove the cartridge using pliers; however, if the faucet has caps that thread onto the valve, it can make removal easier. However, if the cartridge is stuck, you can buy a cartridge removal tool to make your work easier.

When buying the replacement parts, you should remember that specific shower trim kits have precise measurements, and it could be wise to check your model before purchasing the spare parts. You should remove the old cartridge and take it to the store to ensure that you place the new one into your shower faucet. Consequently, insert the new cartridge and replace the retaining clip and reassemble the faucet. When done with the replacement, you should turn the shower faucet to check if it works properly.

Hire a Plumber

 Hiring a plumber to fix your shower faucet will give you access to different services such as repairing the faucet, installing new elements and repairing leaks. They will find hard-to-find problems with your shower and the whole water system in your home as they know what they are doing since they are trained and experienced in pipe repairing. Moreover, they will have proper tools that make repairing leaks easier and help protect your property from leakages. They are quick and efficient and will provide advice for any issues that might arise in the future. Moreover, you can never be sure about the results when replacing the shower faucet yourself.

The Bottom Line

 A leaking shower faucet can lead to increased water bills and damage to your property. Hence, it could be wise to remove or repair the single handle faucet. Although you can replace the faucet yourself using the equipment at home, you can opt for professional help. The plumbers will be skilled in removing and replacing the faucet leaving your bathtub functional. Moreover, you can never be sure about replacing your shower faucet if you do not have the necessary skills