Starting your day with a refreshing and satisfying shower is one show of facing the day with enough energy and confidence. However, a different disturbing shower experience that does not fit your expectations and standards can, at times, mess off your approach to the day.

With your best interests at heart, below, we have singled out some of the most obvious shower-related complications that might deprive you of your optimum shower experience. They include instances such as:

 Poor Ventilation

The steam from the bathroom often finds cooler surfaces to condense, thus triggering damp conditions that could be excruciating. The situation worsens when the windows are sealed to conserve the heat, reducing the natural ventilation. All these could lead to many problems such as structural damages, mold growth, and the peeling of the wallpaper.

In case the bathroom is not fit with windows that open to the outside, then fit extractor fans capable of eliminating the humidity at the source before it rests on cooler regions that could result in damage.

Clogged Slow Draining Shower

This challenge often results from drainage pipes being clogged with soap, dirt, or hair. Hairy people often experience this issue since their loose strands of hair drop and wrap on the outlet points preventing other debris from penetrating through the pipes.

However, you can use natural solutions like vinegar and baking powder to handle more serious clogs. Alternatively, you can use boiling water down the drain where the soap residue will be melted down the drain clearing the pipes off the clogging.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a result of various causes such as:

  • Your pressure reducing valve might have been moved. And a skilled plumber might know and fix or recommend a purchase of a new pressure reducing valve.
  • Confirm at the water meter; then shut-off valve might have been slightly turned.

In case only a hot water faucet has low water pressure, there could be a malfunctioning water heater. Seek a plumber's service since it highly can involve some risks.

Poor Shower Head

With a variety of shower head models flooding the market, some offer quality services to those that do not. However, the way of use can also influence the improper functioning of the showerheads.

Showerheads gather material residue over time while in use. The material deposits can bond to form a limescale build-up in the showerhead pipes. As a result, water struggles to get through the nozzle, thus reducing pressure too.

Effortlessly you can tackle the issue by either wrapping a plastic bag with vinegar around the showerhead to dissolve the deposits or unscrew the head and soak it in vinegar for some hours.


Unattended shower leaks can pose a serious problem. Leaks can cause flooding in the bath, giving you a workload of cleaning. Stains on the walls and floor are visible. Rust and residue are the most visible. Noticing a leak on an electric shower, turn it off immediately and seek a plumber's service.

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