Bathtub Shower Faucet finish is an essential design element that was once overlooked. However, the new technology and the growing public appreciation for the shower's overall look have made the faucet finish a significant feature. The finish can be as important as the type of valve, and it serves as a delightful focal point in the design. If you have recently installed or replaced your bathtub shower faucet, you will probably be amazed by how beautifully unblemished and shiny they are.

However, likely, they won’t stay that way for long. A Tub and Shower faucet set often comes into contact with people daily, meaning keeping them well-maintained and clean can be tough. Understanding how to maintain your faucets is hence the key to retaining the finishes instant for the coming years. Here is how to properly take care of chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze shower system finishes for your tub shower faucet combo.

  1. Chrome Finish

One of the crucial steps in taking care of your faucet finishes is selecting the most durable option. The chrome finish is a perfect and stylish state-of-art that is ideally suited for a classic, traditional, and modern bathroom design. This finish can endure tear and wear and are long-lasting. However, it is a shiny finish that can easily reveal water spots and fingerprints, requiring regular maintenance and care.

The best approach to take care of your chrome finish is a daily wipe down. For those of us who are not diligent cleaners, routine cleaning with soap, toothpaste, and hard water splatters can be done with a water wash and mild soap. Chrome is strikingly beautiful when cleaned and polished.

The next cleaning level in your chrome designed shower is using vinegar. Soak a washcloth in a mixture of white vinegar and warm water and lay it over the buildup area for some hours. The white vinegar efficiently loosens any lime accumulation so that it is easily wiped out when you turn on the shower.

To freshen up things, even more, consider rubbing some lemons around the faucet and then rinse. If the blemishes are crusty, you can sprinkle a bit of baking soda before rubbing with the vinegar solution. After cleaning, you can prevent future stains from reoccurring by applying a wax protective coating.

  1. Oil Rubbed Bronze

Adding a oil rubbed bronze finish faucet can transform the look of your entire bathroom update giving an edgy and classy look. It is easy to clean and does not show spots or fingerprints. These kinds of shower and tub faucet sets are spot and stain-resistant hence easy maintenance. You can keep this stunning velvet finish maintained for a lifetime using these tips.

Taking care of a oil rubbed bronze finish starts during installation. When installing your new faucets, or when taking it apart for repair or maintenance, you should be very cautious. Using tools such as wrenches, pliers, and others might cause dents and scratches. You should not use plumber's putty, which can easily adhere to the finish and lift it off the faucet.

In case you have started to notice any mineral buildup, it is best to tackle it as soon as possible to prevent it from causing permanent damage. To eliminate lime from brushed nickel showerheads, you should use white vinegar. You should avoid using solvents, waxes, acids, abrasives, and other chemical-based cleansers. Treat the surface with care as you would treat the surface of your vehicle.

Oil rubbed bronze surface cleansers do not include fillers and glossy polishers. It would be best if you used soap-based cleansers to clean off the oils and dirt. Simple soap water or ph balanced soap-based cleanser is what you need. Lastly, rings on fingers may pose scratching risks when you handle the finish aggressively.


Finishes of Shower Set


  1. Brushed Nickle

Brushed nickel finish is exceptionally durable and matches perfectly with any style and décor. Its matte finish makes it easy to hide the water spots and fingerprints hence easy to clean and maintain.

One of the best ways to take care of your rain shower set brushed nickel finish is drying off the faucets immediately after using them. Water spots show easily on some finishes, including; brushed nickel. However, if your water has high mineral content, it might form deposits if it stays on the fixture for long. Use a damp cloth to remove the light dirt and keep it dry prevents this from happening. You should never leave towels, sponges, or rubber mats on the finished surface to avoid staining or discoloration.

Another great way of taking care of this finish is carnauba wax to the faucets. Return the shine to the finish by spreading a layer of paste over the finish. The wax forms a clear protective coating over the finish that is water-resistant. Brushed nickel can be damaged irreversibly by harsh cleaning tools and cleansers such as stainless-steel sponges, cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol, and scouring pads. Instead of using such cleaning products, you should clean the faucet using warm water and soft washcloth with dish soap or a non-abrasive hand.


Following these guidelines will effectively take care of your bathtub and shower set finishes. Once you follow these tips, your bath and shower faucet should experience no extraordinary tear and wear. Remember to avoid using drain cleaners as they may strip- the finish from the drain.