Taking a shower is more fun and enjoyable when delivered in a gentle spray of water. To enjoy such moments, you have to use specific tools such as rain shower head that will help to pour water from above your head. It ensures that you have a refreshing bath as it produces a continuous flow of water from above during a shower. As per its name, this particular shower scatters water, just like an average rainfall. There are two types downpour showerheads, wall setup, and ceiling set up showerheads. Downpour showerheads are of different materials: chrome, metal, and plastic, which allows you to choose one that meets your needs. You can decide to go for a high-quality finish to add more decor to your bathroom.

Necessary tools for installation.

Here are the handy tools that will necessitate your installation process

• A showerhead

• Teflon tape

• Terrycloth

• Adjustable wrench

• Safety goggles

• High ladder chair

• A pre-installed rubber sealing washer

Procedure for rain showerhead installation

Fixing a showerhead can be simple, but it needs to be done with much care, considering its positioning. When installing a downpour showerhead, it essential to look at the point where you want to position it. This shower needs to be mounted in a position higher than your head, making it easy to spray water that will cover your whole body. The following are the steps to follow while installing

rainfall shower head

Step 1: Remove the previous showerhead

Before installing the rain showerhead, you first have to remove the old one. The ease of removing it depends on the duration the rainfall shower has been installation. It takes a few minutes to remove it by hand, but if it becomes hard to take it out, you can unscrew it with an adjustable jerk. When removing it with a wrench, you have to rotate the wrench in the counter-clockwise direction and extract it.

Step 2: Check and clean the shower faucet and maintain it in a perfect shape

When done with the showerhead's removal, check if the arm has any debris or old thread seal tape. When you find trash, remove and clean the part rigorously. Use a nonwoven cleaning cloth while washing because it can pick any tiny grits and remove the PTFE tape. You should also check if the hook has corroded or if it is leaking and make necessary amendments. Damaged threads need to be replaced to offer a pleasant bathroom experience. 

Step 3: Replace the old Teflon tape.

Removed old Teflon tapes need to be replaced with brand new tapes because they are essential in protecting the shower from leaking. Apply the seal tape about three to five spins on the string and cut it. Then level it out using your hands to make it balanced. Remember that the tape should be placed in the clockwise direction to keep it intact.

Step 4: Attach the downpour head.

Use the particular rubber stopper that comes along with the downpour head to connect the head. Place the head appropriately before going ahead with the installation. Then reconnect the showerhead and hand tighten it. To make the process easy for you, you can use a ladder.

Step 5: Screw up the showerhead.

This is the final step where you will e required to use an adjustable wrench to tighten the shower. Before tightening, ensure that you swaddle the threads with a fabric to avoid damaging the finish. However, do not apply too much force while tightening for easier removal later on. You can go ahead to run water through it to ensure it is leak-free.

Factors to consider while installing a showerhead

There are essential considerations to make before installing a rain showerhead

1. Size of the showerhead

The size of such matters because they are made to supply a stream of splashing water that can engulf the whole body. So, before choosing to ensure that its face and diameter are of a standard size. Moreover, the spray head perfectly fit your bathtub.

2. Water pressure

It needs enough force to enjoy a bath, so you should check the showerhead to ensure it has the recommended pressure.


Having a shower is very important moreso the one that will make your bathroom feel like a spa. It is the dream of many people to have a luxurious and rejuvenating retreat in their homes. But no power shower can be termed as complete without using a rain shower head. Therefore upgrade your shower to rainfall shower head for a rejuvenating experience. And ensure that you follow the necessary steps while installing for a long-lasting experience.