A regular shower stream can make your life pleasurable and forget all stresses, but a slow shower could spoil your experience. If you have a problem with your shower faucet, you can think about replacing it to improve your shower experience. First, you have to think about the cause of a slowed shower, such as clogged showerheads, busted pipes, and problems within the central water system. You may consider shower-pressure increasing steps such as unclogging, replacing the showerhead, fixing busted pipes, and incorporating shower pumps.

Unclog the Shower Head

Before thinking about replacing the shower faucet head, you can first opt for unclogging the showerhead to remove the dirt and sand that could be trapped in the shower. The main water supply can transport sand and fine sediments that end up in the showerhead slowing down the water pressure. If the shower faucet is difficult to remove, you can wrap a sandwich bag filled with vinegar directly on the shower head as it could break down some sediments, loosening particles that will flow out of the shower once you turn it on.

Replace the Shower

Showers with restricted water flow will have slow pressure, and there is nothing you can do to improve the pressure but replace the showerhead. You can hire a plumber to replace your shower head, but you can conduct a do-it-yourself replacement if your finances are limited. However, replacing the showerhead will not solve slow water pressure if the main water supply problems originate. You can incorporate a shower pump into the home water system. When turning the shower on, the pump will be activated, increasing the shower head's water flow. When the water leaves the storage, it could go through the shower pump, which uses propellers to boost the shower's water pressure. However, it could be wise to contact plumbers as it might be illegal to incorporate shower pumps on the main pipes as it could damage the main pipes.

Incorporate an Accumulator Tank

You could include an accumulator tank on the electric tank; the showerhead gets its water supply from the water tank. The accumulator could hold the excess water that awaits to go through the shower. The showerhead will fire high-pressure water as there will not drop as it will have water in the accumulator tank.

Check Leaking Water

Check leaking water which reduces the amount of water that reaches the showerhead reducing the shower pressure. Moreover, the leaking water might cause extreme damage to the home structure, and it could be wise to fix the leaks that could damage your home. You can check all the home pipes, and you could temporarily repair them while waiting for expert plumber leaks.

The Bottom Line

A slow shower head could make showering difficult as you try to clean off the soap and shampoo in your head. Slow showers could result from clogged showerheads, busted pipes, and problems within the primary water system. Before trying to fix the slow shower, it could be better to know the cause of slowed shower.